Belt Size Measurement Guide and Size Chart for Men & Women

Before you learn about Belt sizing , it’s important to know three main reasons  why we wear Leather Belts with apparel. (1) keep the upper portion separate from the bottom one. (2) To hold the pants, jeans, or chinos right in place. (3) Belts enhance the overall aesthetic of the outfit if rightly matched with […]

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Leather Watch Straps’ Guide: A Few Basic but Very Important Concepts.

  Keeping up with fashionable styles and ensuring that you can find the best options for your accessories is crucial. Watches are one of the most noticeable accessories that people wear and it helps in making your first impression. For many of us, watches are one of the finest accessories and expensive watches are considered […]

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Leather Watch Strap or Metal Bracelet ? Let’s Sort It Out.

The selection of a leather watch strap or metal Bracelet depends upon several factors like durability, aesthetics, fashion, and of course, your personal preference. Different materials are used to make bands, such as rubber, canvas, nylon, Leather, and metal. Leather and metal are widely used materials to craft watch bands. In this article we will […]

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