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Leather Watch Straps’ Guide: A Few Basic but Very Important Concepts.

  Keeping up with fashionable styles and ensuring that you can find the best options for your accessories is crucial. Watches are one of the most noticeable accessories that people wear and it helps in making your first impression. For many of us, watches are one of the finest accessories and expensive watches are considered […]

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Watch Straps: Comprehensive Guide About the Sources and Types of Leather Used in Making Watch Straps:

Leather, the top choice in straps, needs answers to basic questions like types of leather, its durability, sources and how to take better care of it. In this article, we will explain some of the primary factors involved in making leather straps that will assist you in buying a perfect leather watch band. Six Sources […]

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Leather Watch Strap or Metal Bracelet ? Let’s Sort It Out.

In rapidly changing fashion trends, it’s essential to look stylish; choosing the right accessory on the right occasions defines your personality. It’s rightly said by “Louis Raphael (a prominent men’s apparel brand),” “The first step to be respected is to look respectable”. Since a watch is the main accessory a man has, so should be […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Watch Strap and What Are the Available Options

Buying watches and building a watch collection in one’s wardrobe is an addiction for many people. According to statistical data, this attribute is most prevalent in men compared to women. People wearing watches are considered reliable and punctual, and an elegant watch definitely helps make a great First expression. There could also be several reasons […]


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