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TASCONY is not just a word, it has a spirit of prospering relationship and attachment. It is all about how a relationship and trust strengthens with every passing moment. TAS represents a bond between Tal And San, the hubby, and wife sharing a strong bond of love and trust. These two masterminds behind the brand are together for more than a decade and now they are excitedly pouring their intelligence and talent together in a joint business venture. CONY, (rabbit) is a reflection of prosperity, sensation, and a sign of good luck.

In TASCONY, We believe that “A Relationship” that starts with Love and Trust grows forever.Tal having years of sales and customer interaction experience, combing with the high-end research skills of San (Ph.D. Doctor), joined hands to make something that matches their passion for leather products.Being known that everyone loves top quality and highly functional leather products but at the same time, we also know they are super expensive and a sign of luxury for only a few to afford. So, we took it as a challenge to create premium quality leather products with the maximum functionality and style, at reasonable prices.Since the whole idea was to make well researched, well-designed premium quality leather products, we tried to come up with some simple, unique and elegant designs that can last among ever-changing fashion trends and overrated extravagant brands; in a graceful manner.Our studio is in Wagga Wagga, one of the beautiful towns of NSW, Australia. We design our products locally and manufacture them in Pakistan in our own workshop. We purposely sell directly to our customers, removing the pointless expenses and insane mark-ups that make any product costly. We help you save money by providing you durable, trendy leather products (which are considered luxury nowadays) and ensure maintaining the international market trends, standards, along with meeting your expectations.WHAT MAKES OUR COMPANY SPECIAL?Simply the Best Material and Quality.We choose best of the best, from top artisans to top grain vegetable tanned leather. This selection of premium quality leather and craftsmanship of our workers is what creates a masterpiece.Packaging matters “TASCONY” is committed to using packaging which has minimum impact on the environment.
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