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Custom Phone Cases Australia: Our leather phone cases are designed to safeguard your expensive smartphones without compromising on style and elegance. At TASCONY we use the finest quality leather and a semi-hard plastic shell to keep the cases lightweight and durable. The cases provide a secure grip while holding the phone, offering protection against accidental drops, scratches, and scuffs.

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Our Production team carefully selects high-quality leather to ensure each case is crafted with perfection. The leather is precisely cut to size for each model. Skilled artisans meticulously glue together the leather, metal plate, and plastic shell under controlled conditions to ensure a snug fit and lasting durability. As a part of our commitment to quality, a soft microfiber lining is added inside each case, protecting the phone’s back from scratches.
To further enhance the aesthetic appeal, a beautiful and sleek golden logo plat is seamlessly incorporated, adding a touch of elegance. Whether your phone is in hand or resting on a fine dining table, our custom phone cases not only offer protection but elevate the overall visual experience. Choose TASCONY’s leather phone case for ultimate protection of mobile phone with unparalleled style and sophistication.”

In our store, we also offer a beautiful collection of other leather accessories like handcrafted leather Wallets for Men and Women, uniquely designed keychains and much more. Don’t hesitate to explore our store to find a gift for someone or something for your personal use.


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Phone Cases

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Rooted in history, belts have evolved from practical tools in ancient times to iconic fashion statements today. Originally utilized in Europe and the Middle East for functional purposes, now they have become a symbol of fashion and individual expression.

Beyond our well-crafted collection of belts, we offer a diverse range of accessories, including durable watch straps, vibrant keyrings, and uniquely designed Australian phone cases. Once you’ve found the perfect belt, go into our online store to explore and shop these additional items that complement and enhance your style.

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