When you are searching for a bag or any other leather accessories, and you get everything in it but not the right color its a huge disappointment, you can’t do anything other than compromising on color or start searching again for the right product in the right color.
Don’t worry, to address this issue we have already worked enough to make wonderful products only in the right color. We have finalized these colors after extensive research, so buy your choice with confidence.

Here at “TASCONY”, we’re passionate about leather. We source full-grain leather from tanneries based in the city of Sialkot, (Punjab) Pakistan and manufacture our products in our own workshop. From these tanneries, we only select those who are practicing organic leather tanning techniques i.e., “vegetable tanning”.
Vegetable tanning is a slow process and utilizes natural materials, specifically, tannins from tree husk, flowers, and roots for tanning the leather. Only 10% of the world’s leather production is vegetable tanned because it’s expensive and time taking. Vegetable-tanned leather has a very organic look and it changes beautifully with time as it builds up a patina, just like a tree darkens in the sun. The leather’s patina is genuinely unique and is admired by masses.

As we claim our team is highly skilled, so it is important for us to justify it through our work. That being stated, we invest the energy required looking for suppliers of the best materials across the world. What’s more, with the best materials there comes a more significant expense.
As it’s commonly said, it is the imperfections of handcrafted products that make it unique. Purchasing these high-quality products from “TASCONY”, you realize the idea of handcrafted goods containing slight variations because of the creator being human.
These imprints and varieties are what make leather a lovely medium as each imprint recounts to a story and gives your leather item a unique identity. They’re built with the spirit of the expert who applied his ability and knowledge to present to you reliable leather products. What you are purchasing here are time-honored products which mean, products that will last longer and become your favorite in the first use. In the years to come, you’ll not recall exactly the amount you paid for a product, but the quality will be held up and you’ll not have to get it again and again.

The entire procedure is based on research and development. We always respect the choices of our customers and keep in mind the fast-changing fashion trends around the world, designing functional and appealing leather products which have no hazard to the environment from the selection of raw leather to its stitching followed by its packaging, everything is crafted after thorough research and market consideration.

TASCONY leather item is a result of long periods of involvement in the leather assembling and tanning custom. Our styles have developed with time to react to new needs identified with ergonomics and wearability but the legacy of the talented leather producers of the nineteenth century has been protected. A significant number of our items have in fact unaltered ancient designs but with more functional attributes for our customers.

Our Craftsmen’s work makes us bold in saying we are the best in quality and make. The greatness of an item is the outcome of our custom and contemporary qualities.
Today items are still gathered the conventional way however new advances have likewise become an integral factor to help to react to the expanding request from the market. Our leather is tanned by the old tanning custom of the nineteenth century in full regard of nature. Our advancement won’t change our philosophy and we will consistently be inquiring about and improving the nature of our items for regular day to day existence and their circulation and promoting channels.


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