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Our Leather

The beauty of leather goods depends on several ingredients: a good leather craftsmanship, as well as an expert tanner, along with a top-quality hide and its source, farms that make animal welfare their priority and good grazing.

Each tannery we work with has been carefully selected for the quality of its hides and its expertise. These tanneries buy raw hides, prepare them and carry out dyeing as per the colors of the TASCONY catalogue. our products are being manufactured in different countries, depending upon the quality of craftsmanship.

For those who love luxury leather, TASCONY presents its luxurious vegetable-tanned leather in different colors. Its natural tanning with vegetal pigments gives it a true trendy Western look.

Best used for (1) briefcases (2) Wallets (3) business bags (4) laptop sleeves (5) waist belts

The smooth cowhide leather is certainly one of the most types of leathers in the market. TASCONY artisans use full-grain smooth leather, which promises the premium quality of the products.

Best used for; 1) phone pouches (2) purses (3) Phone cases (4) phone wallets

Best used for phone cases:

Natural grain pebbled leather, that is leather with a pebble grain pressed into it, is generally very durable, it can last decades. It also stands up well to daily use. The Pebble leather will just show the scratches less easily, since the surface has a random, textured pattern on it. We use top layer of cowhide to make this leather.

Best used for waist belts:

Calfskin is particularly valuable because of its softness and fine grain, as well as durability. It is finer grained, lighter in weight and more supple than the hide of older cattle. It is also less likely to be marked by scratches, insect bites etc.

Best used for waist phone cases, soft wallets and small accessories:

This type leather is specifically used in making small phone cases, soft wallets and pouches. One of the most sensitive leathers, also falls behind in terms of strength when compared to the calfskin. It requires more maintenance and care, but this is by far compensated with the stunning look and velvety feel .

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