“A Relationship that begins with Love and Trust, grows forever.”   (Talat, founder & CEO)




What we do

Bringing quality accessories into your life at a fraction of the price of luxury  brands.

About Us

I still remember the day like it was yesterday, way back in 2005. I had just completed a 500-km journey to attend an interview, the first after gaining my MBA. As I was confirming my attire for the following morning, an idea crossed my mind, to somehow enhance my appearance. What I wanted was a business-style briefcase that would differentiate me from other candidates, a fine leather accessory to convey sophistication. But no matter how far I searched, nothing was available, the only options with price tags far beyond my reach. I ended up choosing a file folder, instead of the attaché I hoped for. With my accessory in hand, I attended the interview, and although all the candidates dressed the same, I was the only one with something in my hands. After successfully winning the role of trainee manager, I knew my accessory set me apart, giving me the distinction, I’d hoped for.

15 years passed and I continued to use accessories whenever I attended interviews, meetings and conferences, but the problem with finding quality products for affordable prices remained. That was until 2019, when I finally decided to create the solution, rather than continue searching. It took an entire year to complete the designs, and source the finest materials and artisans to realize my vision. 2020 is the year the reality came to pass, launching a range of products I’d once only dreamt about. The plan to design, create and supply quality leather accessories that express sophistication and refinement is finally here.

Tascony is now a reality, our studio situated in the beautiful country town of Wagga Wagga, in NSW, Australia. Each of our unique products is designed in our studio, then manufactured overseas in places like Pakistan, depending on the level of craftsmanship. Our customization process starts with the leather tanning and dying, as per the exclusive Tascony catalogue.

To keep our beautiful leather products within reach of everyone, we sell directly to you, avoiding the insane mark-ups seen elsewhere. Only by offering our catalogue direct, can we ensure our vision is a reality for everyone.

Welcome to Tascony.

Direct to You

Giving Back.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”  (John Holmes)


we have a strong believe in building the capacity of disadvantaged members of society. TASCONY is initially partnering with small domestic as well as overseas charity causes.

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