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Leather NATO Straps

Dive into the world of watch straps with TASCONY, where we believe that a simple change like changing the watch strap can breathe new life into your beloved timepiece. Putting a new strap on your watch is important to keep your passion refreshing about watches. And if you are tired of wearing traditional straps then it’s time to give a go to the nato strap, which was discovered a long time ago but is still loved by watcher enthusiasts. In fact, the need for custom nato straps has been growing to let its passionate wearers live up to their life.

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TASCONY – best place to buy nato straps – offers a diverse range of best quality NATO straps in various colors and materials to suit every style and occasion. For the adventurous people who love the great outdoors, our durable Nylon NATO watch straps are the perfect match, whereas sleek grey Nylon nato strap is made to complement your sports attire by ensuring best fitting nato watch strap. To enhance your look, and our versatile black nylon nato strap adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

If you’re making the transition from traditional leather strap to NATO strap but want to stick with the leather material then our premium leather NATO straps collection is going to serve your needs. From vintage brown to classic black, our nato straps leather options display sophistication and style, ensuring your watch stands out from the crowd.

TASCONY’s nato straps suit a wide range of branded watches like Daniel Wellington, Timex Weekender, Rolex Sub, IWC Portuguese or a Seiko SKX007, Tag Heuer, Ted Baker, Omega and many more. Still, if you need more clarification about the compatibility of your watch, then call us or write us an email, and we will reply within no time.

As an Australian-based online store, TASCONY ships the best nato strap collection worldwide, with a growing base of satisfied and repeated customers in the USA, Europe, New Zealand, and beyond. Keep an eye on our NATO straps category for exciting new additions as we’re constantly researching trends and listening to feedback from a watch enthusiasts like you.

For inspiration on styling your straps, don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we showcase how our customers elevate their timepieces with TASCONY’s NATO straps. And if you have any burning questions, check out our FAQ section at the bottom of the page, where we address common queries from watch communities worldwide like Reddit, quora, and Watch Seek.

Buy the Best NATO Strap Australia and Elevate Your Timepiece

At TASCONY, shopping isn’t just about finding the perfect NATO strap – it’s about embarking on a journey of confidence and assurance.While the market may be flooded with “cheapest” options from retailers however we are the one offering premium quality nato straps by providing complete insights into the material used to craft NATO watch straps/watch bands and stand behind the product  with a 365-day warranty standing proudly behind every purchase.

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You select the nato strap of your choice of colour and size, read the description of the product and finalize your purchase. If you still have any questions, reach us through call, text message or email, we will come up with an answer to your question.

You won’t find such a vast range of Nato straps in a physical store; the choice you get in colour, size, and material can only be attained at online shops, and in online retail, you should buy only from reputable brands. At TASCONY, we stock a collection of colourful nato straps in nylon and leather.

How to put a NATO strap on a watch?

The Classic Way (Easy & Common)

(1) Prepare your work area by ensuring your watch is clean and free of debris. Gather your pin changing tool and, if applicable, remove the existing watch strap.

(2) Reinsert the spring bars into the holes in the lugs, using a spring bar tool as needed.

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(3) Thread the NATO Strap: Place the watch face down on a soft surface to avoid scratching. All of the NATO straps have two ends, a buckle end and a free end. Take the free end and slide it down between the watch case and the spring bar at the 12 o’clock position, then pull it out from underneath the watch case at the 6 o’clock position.

(4) Adjustment of the NATO Strap Length: Before securing the strap, adjust the length to your wrist size by pulling the longer end (free end) until it’s at the proper length, the watch should sit comfortably on your wrist with a minimum of finger gap in between strap and wrist. Fold the longer end of the strap back onto strap and fasten it securely with a metal keeper loop.

Note: You have two options to tuck the remaining part “tail” of the strap: inward or outward.

Tucking the tail inward is the preferred method, however some of the people also wear it outwards. 

NATO Watch Strap FAQs

How is a NATO strap different than a conventional watch strap?

The NATO strap is a type of watch strap that differs from conventional/traditional watch straps in a few key ways:
(1) Design: NATO straps are typically made of nylon and leather and consist of a single piece of material that passes through the spring bars on both sides of the watch, whereas conventional watch straps often consist of two separate pieces attached to the lugs of the watch (it can have quick release spring bars or traditional spring bars).

(2) Security: NATO straps offer enhanced security since they thread through the spring bars and under the watch case, preventing the watch from falling off even if one spring bar fails. The design makes NATO straps popular for matching casual outfits, outdoor activities, and sports.

Nato Strap back side , passing through the pins

(3) Versatility: NATO straps are known for their versatility and come in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing for easy customization to match different outfits or occasions. Conventional watch straps may offer fewer options for customization.

(4) Comfort: Some people find NATO straps more comfortable to wear than conventional straps because they distribute the weight of the watch across a larger area of the wrist.

Overall, while NATO straps offer practical advantages in terms of security and versatility, the choice between a NATO strap and a conventional watch strap often comes down to personal preference and style.


How can I determine the correct size of NATO strap that I require?
What to do with Tail or excess NATO strap?

That extra part of the NATO strap that pokes out of the buckle, called the “tail,” adds a unique aesthetic touch to the overall look of the watch. Some people choose to leave the tail as is, as it adds a bit of character and style to the watch. It can also give the impression of a more casual and rugged look. Trimming the excess length of a NATO strap made from nylon is generally straightforward and can be done with minimal tools and expertise. However, when it comes to NATO straps made from leather or woven materials, it’s essential to exercise more caution and possibly seek assistance from someone with experience in working with those materials or from a professional watchmaker or jeweller. Leather straps, in particular, require careful cutting techniques to ensure a clean and neat finish without damaging the material. Woven straps may also require specific tools and techniques to prevent fraying or unraveling. In any case, if you’re unsure about trimming the excess length of a leather or woven NATO strap yourself, it’s always a good idea to seek advice or assistance to avoid damaging the strap. A professional can ensure that the strap retains its original shape and appearance after trimming.

Is it possible to wash or clean my dirty NATO strap?
Which NATO strap was worn by James Bond?
Do you wear NATO straps facing inward or outward?
Do you wear NATO straps inward or outward?Are NATO straps compatible with smartwatches?

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