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Belt Size Measurement Guide and Size Chart for Men & Women

There Are Three Main Reasons Why We Wear Leather Belts With Apparel.

  • keep the upper portion separate from the bottom one.
  • To hold the pants, jeans, or chinos right in place.
  • Belts enhance the overall aesthetic of the outfit if rightly matched with the shoes and watch. 

At the same time, it’s also very important to buy a belt of the correct size; an incorrect size is just a waste of money. The following is a comprehensive belt sizing guide on how to choose a belt of your size.

Doesn’t matter which type of belt you are sizing, whether it’s a casual, dress, or work belt, the following guide would remain the same.

Men’s Leather Belts Are Not Measured from End to End.

universal guide for belt size measurement

The Pant Size Is Not Your Belt Size.

For most of us, which belt size we should buy is confusing. It leads to some basic questions, is it the same size as pants, or how big should it be? The universal rule about belt sizing is that your belt should be two inches bigger than your waist or pants size. When shopping online, ordering the right size is very important; otherwise, returning or exchanging the belt can create a big hassle. Online stores always mention belt sizes, not the pant/waist size, so be mindful.

What Belt Size Should I Buy?

The two-inch rule applies to find the actual belt size as described above, meaning the belt should be two inches bigger than your pants.Pants or waist size 30 need 32 inches belt, 32 inches waist/pants require 34 inches belt, and 38 inches belt will be suitable for 36 inches waist/pants. The reason for having two inches bigger belt to the pants size helps adjust it if you gain or lose weight and your waist changes in the future.

When we talk about belt sizing, we need to know the belt width and belt length.

Belt is measured in two ways  , width and length .Belt Width and How To Measure it.

Following are the three most common belt widths

  • 1.25 to 1.5 inches (3.1 to 3.5 cm): suitable belt width for dress/formal/suit pants, khakis, Chinos, and slacks
  • 1.5 to 1.75 inches (3.1 to 4.4 cm): suitable belt width for Jeans
  • 1.75 to 2.0 inches (3.1 to 5.1 cm): Ideal for work wear

Belt Length and How To Measure it.

three ways to measure belt length

Three main methods exist to measure a Man / Woman’s belt size. Whatever the method is, a rule of thumb would remain the same: the belt size should be two inches bigger than the waist/pants size.

Measuring Your Waist to Find Belt Size.

The most common and perfect way to find a leather belt size is by measuring your waist with a cloth measuring tape.

  • Put on the Pants you wanted to wear the belt on
  • Stay tall and relaxed in a natural posture, don’t push your belly out or hold your breath by stretching it in. Pull the pants to the point where you normally wear them and feel comfortable.
  • Pick up measuring tape and run through pants loops; end up running it where you feel comfortable and note the waist size. Let’s say you determined your waist size as 32, so the belt size you need would be 34 inches. In case of an odd number or half number, it can be rounded to the next even number, e.g., belt size for pants/waist size of 31 or 31.5 will be 34 inches.

How To Use Pants Size to Find Belt Size.

The easiest way is to pick up pants that fit you well and add “2 inches” to its size. For instance, for 32 inches of trousers/pants, the belt size would be 34, and the same formula would apply whatever the size of the trouser would be.

Measure Your Old/Existing Belt Size to Find the Belt Size.

It’s an easy and quick way of measuring the size of the belt. Pick up the most accurate size belt you already have in your wardrobe, lay it straight on an even/flat surface, and measure from the middle hole to the end of the belt material before the buckle (buckle is not included in sizing). Some belts have five holes, and some have seven; it doesn’t matter what the number of holes is there; you will start sizing from the middle hole, as shown below.

Measuring scales vary from country to country and sometimes brand to brand; however, you can convert them as per your country and convenience with the help of the following conversion charts.

Men Belt’s Size Conversion Chart/Belt Size Guide for Men.


Women Belt’s Size Conversion Chart/Belt Size Guide for Women.

how women can measure their belt size

Boys’ Belt Sizes.

Kids’ Belt sizes:

Important note: Leather belts stretch over time

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