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7 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Watch Strap and What Are the Available Options

There could be several reasons to change the watch straps, it could be just for the sake of change or comfort, or the reason for the watch strap replacement could be worn-out straps. And sometimes, changing the watch straps can also fulfill the desire to change the timepiece.

Furthermore, buying watches and building a watch collection in one’s wardrobe is an addiction for many people. According to statistical data, this attribute is most prevalent in men compared to women. People wearing watches are considered reliable and punctual, and an elegant watch definitely helps make a great first impression.

Several materials available in the market are being used in making watch straps/bands, like leather, rubber, canvas, and metal. Each one of them has a different lifespan and aesthetic appeal.

Seven Reasons to Replace Watch Straps:

Enhances the Overall Life of a Timepiece.

Saves Money.

Buying a watch is more expensive than purchasing a pair of straps, so why don’t we do this to follow our passion for dressing watches? It’s certainly a cost-effective way to give a new look to your watch by just replacing straps.
Buying one extra pair of straps can fit so many watches of that size and allows using the right strap for the right occasion.

More Flexibility with Your Style.

The watch straps’ replacement plays a vital role in enhancing the overall look of an outfit. Inappropriate watch straps/bands selection can deteriorate the appearance of someone at a party or a business meeting. Though there is variety in straps made out of different materials; but leather strapping has maximum in it. Variations in leather texture, color, stitching pattern, and designs give a distinctive look to the same watch.

The strap always grabs attention before someone looks at the brand of the watch. The watch strap has a 360-degree presentation and always gets noticed regardless of its position on the wrist.

Find Better Quality.

If you buy a watch that comes with a lousy quality watch strap that you don’t like, in this case, it allows you to replace a poor one with a better quality watch band of your choice. You can select a color that will be suitable for most occasions, whether it’s formal or informal.


Impulse and unthoughtful buying puts pressure on the environment. If you want to contribute towards a healthy environment, you can take part by replacing the watch straps/bands rather than changing the watches, which will ultimately go into the bin.

The Sentimental Value.

Most of us have watches that have an association with our loved ones or are gifted to us on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation. Time passes, new designs are introduced in watches, and we buy them too, but we also want to keep these priceless gifts. It’s a fantastic way to preserve old watches by putting a new pair of leather watch straps on them. Thoughtfully selected colors in leather will give them a new and legitimate look.

Personal Satisfaction.

If you are feeling bored or missing personal satisfaction in your watch, you can regain satisfaction by simply changing the straps/bands.

What are the available options in watch Straps?

Once you have convinced yourself that it’s time to change the watch band/strap, then what type of strap should you buy next? Before you check the options, you must know the watch’s lug size and wrist size. The most common sizes are 20,22 mm, and the less common are 18,19,24,26 mm.
Now it’s time to learn about the material used for watch straps’ making,

Five Main Types of Materials Being Used for Making Watch Straps. 

Leather Watch Straps.

Leather is the most comfortable watch strap material, and full grain and top-grain leather are the best leather types to craft high-end watch straps. It offers various designs and textures to enhance the aesthetic of the watch. The downside is that leather has a limited life and needs care.

Rubber Watch Straps.

Rubber is sourced from plants and used in different industries; watch strap making is one of them. Rubber watch straps are primarily suitable for divers and people exposed to chemical reactions. Rubber is the best watch strap/band material for exercise because of its sweat-absorbent property. The ber Watch Strap has excellent resistance against temperature too.

Nylon Watch Straps.

Nylon belongs to the textile raw material. It’s lightweight, and the straps made out of it are used with sports watches. Nylon watch straps has a longer life and is water resistant too.

Fabric Watch Straps.

Replacement watch straps are also made out of fabric. The fabric could be of any category, like military grade, silk, and denim. Fabric watch straps/bands are mostly available in zulu and nato watch straps categories. Fabric watch strap is strong enough to hold heavy watches.

Stainless Steel Watch Straps.

Different steel grades are used to make watch bracelets. The most commonly used steel in average-priced bands is 304L, whereas 316L is the steel type used to make good quality metal bands. Good Quality metal watch bands/bracelets have the longest life span in straps/bands. Stainless steel watch bands are equally famous for traditional and apple watches.



What Size Replacement Watch Straps Do I Need?

Most of the time size is mentioned on the back of leather/rubber watch straps, if it’s not mentioned then you have to measure wrist size yourself by following the watch strap size guide.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Watch Straps /Bands?

Depending upon the material and brand, the price can vary from $30 to a couple of hundred dollars. Since the leather strap has a massive variation in designs and types of the leather itself, a pair of reasonable cowhide leather watch straps should ideally cost under $100, and the average price of an exotic leather watch strap can range from $200 to $300.

Why Do Watch Straps/Bands Cost So Much?

The making of watch straps and the type of material determines the price of watch straps; among all materials, leather straps have more variation in price. Handmade watch straps’ making involves more than 12 different processes, starting with selecting leather and ending with painting or polishing its edges.

Can I Change the Watch Straps Myself?

Indeed, yes, changing watch straps is very easy and can be done at home; you need a little bit of confidence, firm hands, a proper workplace, and preferably a tool (however, it can be done without a tool, too), be mindful of not losing spring bars while performing this job.


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